Dirnanean Estate

There is quite a lot of written material about Dirnanean estate under “written word”, and we hope to have a couple of videos in the near future, one made by the BBC.

Old summer house on Dirnanean estate 1970
Falls at Dirnanean
Eagles Cage Dirnanean
Eagles cage just above the falls
At Dirnanean
This page was added by Sally Gingell on 28/01/2016.

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  • The photo tagged as showing the eagle cage, is really just another view of the thatched house above the falls. Note the doors and windows. The eagle’s cage had bars on it.

    By Diane Snider (07/05/2017)
  • The summer hut picture with the people scattered around it – it appears James Small is peering out the window. Great photo!

    Diane Snider

    By Diane Snider (14/08/2016)

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