Sketches of Strathardle

These “sketches” came in 7 parts. Unfortunately the archive does not have part 5 or 6.

The books are displayed in fairly small print, but by downloading each part it is possible to increase the size of the print.

Part 1

Covers the period from pre-history through to year 1033. Of particular interest are:

Glen Derby Page 7;

Battle of Tulloch  Page 9;

Dirnanean Page 10;

Glen Brerachan Page 11;

Kindrogan Page 13;

Glenfernate Page 12/13;

Balvarron Page 14;

Kirkmichael Page 15;

Invereddrie Page 17;

Dalrulzion Page 17,

Cally Page 21.

Part 2

Covers the period 1033 – 1404, and investigates the Royal Connections of Strathardle, and Charters granted. Of particular interest are:

Cally Page 6 and 18;

Pitcarmick Page6 and 12;

Woodhill Page 10;

Glen Derby Page 10;

Kirkmichael and Dalrulzion Page 12;

Glenfernate Page 14 and 28;

Dalnagairn Page 22;

Glen Brerachan Page 24;

Part 3

Covers the period 1404 – 1560 and investigates the agriculture of Strathardle, Royal Hunting, Cateran Raids, Black Death and finishes with the Reformation.Of particlar interest are:

Tullochcurron  Page 1;

Kindrogan Page 1, 5 and 25

Persie Page 5 and 24

Cally Page 5 and 8

Drimmie Page 5;

Straloch Page 5, 7 and 21

Tulloch Page 5

Glenfernate Page 5 and 21

Stylemouth Page 12,

Kirkmichael church Page 13;

Invereddrie Page 16

Boreland Page 16 .

On page 17 the division and ownership of land is described and mentions many of the areas we would recognise today – too many place to list and tag!!

Part 4

Covers the period 1560 – 1600. This was an unsettled lawless time with family and clan feuds.

The Commission of Justicary to the Earl of Atholl in 1564 names most of the major houses and families in Glenshee and Strathardle, and starting on Page 23 is another a list of men and their land. However of note are:

Ashintully Page 10, 16, 19, 22 and 27

Dalrulzion Page 10, and 19

Tullochcurran Page 13

Dirnanean Page 17

Straloch Page 19 and 27

Persie Page 19

Whitefield Page 23

Part 7

Covers the period 1689 – 1711 during which there was the Highland Uprising and the Battle of Killiecrankie.

Also, in 1669 the Earl of Atholl got a charter for holding the yearly fairs and weekly markets of Kirkmichael at Dalnagairn instead of at the Sillerburn, and in 1696 there was an Act of Parliament to this effect. (Page 16)

Also of note are:

Straloch Page 1 and17

Ashintully Page 1 and 17

Glenfernate Page 14

Dounie  Page 23

Glenfernate Page 24

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