Glenshee School

Glenshee school has been shut for many years – it would be good to know how long. It was definitely still a school during the Second World War. Mrs Brown  remembers attending the school as a young girl.

The archive had  originally thought the school was slightly further down the glen, and moved to its last site during the war – but accepts the comment at the bottom of the page stating it had always been in its final position just below Slochnacraig,.

Pupils at Glenshee School 1883
Pupils at Glenshee School 1927
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  • The school was open in 1957 when I started school. I think it was closed in the 1960’s and used by the army as an outward bound center.

    By John Cowan (18/05/2022)
  • The building opposite invereddrie road end was a house that was hit by part of a plane during the war . The school was always up the road a bit , long before the war . Hope this is some use to you.
    It was a family named grewarwho lived in the little house that was hit by the plane

    By jack mccowan (09/03/2016)

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