Kirkmichael School

Also of interest are excerpts from the Kirkmichael School journals, found under “the written word” or you can click here.

Dan McPherson, Jean Blair, and John Milne share what life was like at Kirkmichael School in “oral histories”.

Kirkmichael School, single storey at this point
Kirkmichael School girl pupils 1912
Pupils who attended Kirkmichael School 1936 with a young Miss McGregor who is mentioned with awe and trepidation by those who remember her.
Kirkmichael School with its vegetable patches as gardening was taught as a school subject. The building is now two storeys high - when did this happen? 1925
Another picture showing the school garden
c.1930. The children's names are written on the back (next photo).
Photograph of Primary School pupils,1955.
School playground November 2014.
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  • On the 1936 photo (Middle Row 3rd from the right) is my Grandmother Catherine Moon Morris ( Née Cameron) she was born in Enochdu on the 1June 1928 to Donald And Elizabeth Cameron and elder sister by 4.5 years May Cameron . They moved to Kirkmichael when she was a Baby . Sadly she passed away at the age of 94 on the 2 January 2023 😥. She was loved immensely ❤️.

    By David Lee Morris (10/02/2023)

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