Dalmunzie Cine Film

Below is a 46-minute video which is made up of 10 separate cine films given to Mount Blair Community Archive by Simon and Alex Winton of Dalmunzie Estate, Glenshee. The films were shot by Dennis Winton – Simon’s father and former owner of the Dalmunzie Hotel and Estate. The films are from the late 1950s and seem to go on into the 1980s.


NOTE: the music was added by the cine film transfer company. The original films had no sound but having sound – any sound – tends to assist concentration when watching moving images. There is the option to mute the sound.

An approximate timing of the video is as follows:

1 min        Autumnal views of the Dalmunzie estate and house

2 min       Sheep shearing

5 min       Haymaking

8 min       Dogs in the river and a family train trip up the glen

9 min       Harvesting various crops

12 min     Vehicles on Dalmunzie drive in the snow, mainly getting stuck

17 min     Dalmunzie house, grounds and estate in late summer

19 min     Harvesting, ploughing and spring lambs

20 min     Dipping sheep

21 min     Clipping sheep and the arrival of refreshments

24 min     Golf

27 min     Tennis, a football challenge and children “swimming” in the river

29 min     Views of the grounds of house, with some fishing, golf and walking at the top of the train track

30 min     Gardens around the main house

31 min     Train trip up the glen

32 min     Views of the hills of Dalmunzie estate and surrounding area

33 min     Snow outside Dalmunzie house and the ensuing fun

38 min     Views of the estate in the snow, with sheep and bringing in a culled deer

39 min     Sports day style games

42 min     Feeding a young fawn

43 min     Working the sheep dogs

44 min     Bringing in a culled deer, followed by ploughing

45 min     Family and pets



Dalmunzie Cine Films
Cine films from the 1950s - 1970s of life around the Dalmunzie Estate, Glenshee, Scotland.
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  • at just past 31 on this video, I found my Dad. He was gamekeeper and used to drive the wee train. It was so wonderful to see him. Died long time ago. Only live pics I have seen of him. Thank you.

    By Fiona Morton (18/11/2017)

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